Hubris *


I am not exactly sure what that word means and I should probably check Websters before I use it, but, for some reason it just sounds right to describe the situation to which I was recently exposed. Now, I will say that I am a non-theist, that being the non-worship of religion. Which should be distinguished from a non-deist, someone who does not address the question of a deity. The difference is quite obvious or is if a person pays attention to the question of a divine being; as opposed to the focus on the rituals and debate of the dogma that grows around the larger question.

The reason and real gist of all this is a recurring television show, if I remember, called "God under attack" or something similar, that grabs the knee-jerks by the guts and enrages them against all who disagree. Like so much "entertainment" today they ask non-sequitur questions a thousand times less germane than, how many angels can perch on the head of a pin? The question that these two boobs, that is a demanded description, were debating was, "Does God know the future?" As a full blown non-deist my jaw dropped. How in the name of that God can these two, no make that three of maybe four or even five boobs, (someone thought up that insipid question) argue the question?

Who else sees the inherent evil contained in that question? I have read the scriptures, really and more than once, I have even listened to a number of sermons, I have for a great length of time remembered the words, " The ways of man are not the ways of God and the thoughts of God are not the thoughts of man" Then of course there is that pesky First commandment, "Thou shalt not have any false Gods or idols before me". Can you follow what I am laying out? Can you see the obscenity? These were/are two men who believe themselves in a position to define God, the Divine Creator. Consider that these people were arguing and attempting to define God. Is the blasphemy more apparent now?

I will of course be pilloried as a nonbeliever, but that does not alter the truth, that religion has become an instrument to question God's parameters. And in fact define God thereby setting themselves above God. Blasphemy!

Or maybe just another indication of the real truth that GOD is made by man to begin with and therefore can have words or thoughts put into HIS head by any man's will.

*Hubris: Wanton insolence or arrogance resulting from excessive pride.

Michael Sherer

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