Welcome to Freedom web page. If you are looking for a super patriot site full of conspiracy theories or political commentary, then you are in the wrong place. This site is dedicated to the most personal and important freedom, the freedom from religion.

Many who have come across this site expecting political controversy will not be disappointed because religion is the tool that tyrants have always used to subdue populations. When oppressive laws cannot be justified, priests step in to proclaim that the laws are the will of god, and therefore must not be questioned.

To not be allowed to question the act of a leader is anathema to freedom. Yet most of the world willingly submits themselves to religious edicts, which have supernatural power to terrorize. As we explore the subject of how religion enslaves us, we will present beliefs of great revolutionary leaders such as Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine as well of great philosophers and scientists.

Our Freedom page is a quest, not for answers, but for freedom. I hope you will join us as we use science, logic and good will to explore our common humanity.

Nancy Sherer