They just don't get it. Last week on Saturday Night Live the entire cast sang popular Christmas carols with words that were “politically correct” because they were told they could not say Christmas nor allude to the holiday. Of course they were doing a spoof.

But why does it come up at all? Should one religion be flaunted as truth? Christianity assumes that every one should love to hear the myth about the baby sent to save people from sin. SIN? Sin is defined as defying God. Humans do not need saving from some thing that was fabricated in the first place.

Thousands of people know that god is supernatural. Anything super natural is above nature which is logically impossible. Therefore god does not exist. To have the christian god dominate the dark winter season is unnecessary. It is celebration enough to know that the shortest days will lengthen and spring will come again.

Gods should be kept in churches – or in the heart if one chooses. Not in anyone else's face.

Naomi Sherer

The Sherer Group 1997- 2005