Intelligent Design

The newest rage in the ongoing anti-evolution shtick is this concept of Intelligent Design. It is nothing more than a redesign of Creationism. Which is just another way of saying "The Bible told me so". Such an idea works very well in matters of faith, it does not work at all when applied as a theory. Why not you ask? Quite simple really, in science when one postulates a theory, one does not deal with faith, but a series of statements that either can or can not be proven. However, with the concept of intelligent design, one must, without question, accept the postulate that there is an intelligence that is in charge of the ongoing process. That requirement alone removes the argument from fact to the realm of make believe. Even though there is no stated mention of God and even if the purveyors maintain that "it" does not mean God, the question - Who is it that has formulated this design? - takes center stage in the argument and presentation of the theory.

That question is glossed over and not talked of. It is taken as a matter of faith that there is a force at work behind the scenes that is directing the process. The process is of less consequence than the faith needed to generate the false belief. There is a way to side step the awkwardness of believing in God and accepting Evolution as fact. However, that requires the faithful to accept Evolution as the process and relegate the bible to its proper place as a cultural novel. Still that is as difficult for the faithful to do as to admit that the earth is not the center of the universe. For does not the bible tell us that earth was created. Notice how abruptly that sentence ended? The reason is as simple as the biblical belief. God made it and there is nothing more that is important or that the faithful need know. All things flow from God.

The argument presented is "Well it doesn't have to be God". The speciousness of that statement and the argument is obvious. It is, however, the foundation of intelligent design. The belief of God allows the concept of intelligent design to issue forth. More importantly, it allows the bible to maintain its importance as the word of God. No longer do we need to address the inadequacy of the book's explanation of the world around us; only accept that "He" made it so. No longer do we need to puzzle over the immense time involved, that is not spoken of in the bible. Just know that "He" can make it so. No longer do we need to marvel at the life and world around us. Just keep our eyes on "His" wonderfulness and all will be revealed.

The beauty of intelligent design is that it accommodates all religions. The Christians, Jews, Moslems, Hindus, all can use it in their world view and take comfort with its vagueness and inclusiveness. The dreams of Vishnu are accommodated as well as the six thousand year creation theory of evangelical Christianity. All can rejoice. We finally as a world civilization have truly, a single god to worship. It is the god of ignorance and denial. But, at least now we have one who can give us that which we really desire. We now, through the ingenuity of rationalization, can successfully argue for simplicity and ignorance. We now can accept that life is His will only. That the eye, which in the argument of intelligent design just appeared, is of little consequence and we really shouldn't bother ourselves by using them to examine and to learn the true wonder of nature and its complexity. We now can focus on He who thought all of this up and gave it to us, because we are in His image. The Bible tells me so.

Michael Sherer

Copyright 2006
The Sherer Group